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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is also called MLD. This is a special type of massage that reduces swelling from lymphoedema. There are different types of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) including Vodder, Leduc, Földi and Casley-Smith. You should only have MLD from someone who has been trained in one of these types. (My training is from Emil Vodder).The aim of this treatment is to move fluid from the swollen area into an area where the lymphatic system is working normally. Beneficial for the treatment of eodema, lack of energy, sluggish circulation and as an immune system booster.

When you have the massage you feel a gentle pressure. It is not a deep massage. If it is too deep it won’t work because it flattens the small lymph vessels so that the fluid can’t drain. The movements are slow and rhythmic so the lymph vessels open up. You may have MLD daily from Monday to Friday, or 3 times a week, for about 3 weeks. The number of treatments varies depending on the type of problem you have and what you need. Your specialist will also take into account the amount of swelling you have.