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Ear Candling Therapy

Ear candling, therapy is a gentle non invasive treatment using a hollow rolled column of cotton flax is impregnated with bee wax. They also contain honey, sage, St John’s Wort, and chamomile.

The treatment is beneficial for many conditions including excess buildup of ear wax, congested sinuses, and irritation in the ears, ringing or noises in the ears, tinnitus, rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches and migraines. One I recommend for frequent flyers and swimmers as it balances the equilibrium buy generic viagra online. The initial effect can be an improvement in hearing or freer nasal breathing and an improved sense of smell.

In most cases the treatment is extremely soothing and relaxing, leaving the patient with a sense of well-being. Most people say that it is a very pleasant experience!